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Equal Opportunity Housing REALTOR

Jennie has authored several books; however, she has several more books planned. She has used her considerable knowledge in the Real Estate Industry to compile her thoughts of various topics to aid you in making the best choices for you in buying or selling your home. You can rely on Jennie's expertise to help you along the way. There are many pit falls, tips, secrets, and just basic knowledge needed to get the most for your property or get the most for your buying dollar. Jennie is more than happy to share her knowledge -- choose any of the below books for free. If you see a "coming soon" book you would like to have, let her know and you will get it as soon as it is in print.


Available Books

These books are FREE at http:\\

Advertise Divorce Expired
Advertise and Promote
How far do you think a realtor will go to get your home sold?
Options in a Divorce
... help couples in this situation and guide them on the best ways to deal with their house.
Expired Listings
...the price” normally is NOT the reason that homes don’t sell.
First Time Buyers For Sale By Owner Home Buyer Guide
First Time Home Buyers
In my book, I’ll show you everything you need to know to ....
For Sale by Owner
Owners make mistakes that cost them a whole lot of money all the time.
Home Buyers Guide
...make the right purchase on your home, and for the right price.
Home Improvements Inherited Property Get more money
Home Improvements for More Value
Find out which improvements are the best to make to boost your home’s value ....
Inherited Property
I cover some of the hurdles, the best strategies, prepping the home....
How To Get More Money
There are many strategies to maximize its value.
Delequient Taxes Vacant Homes Wealthy Home Sales
Delinquent Property Taxes
I detail the best way to deal with your property if you are behind in your taxes.
Selling Your Vacant Home you get the most out of the property.
Secrets of Wealthy Home Sellers can make at least 10-30k more when selling a $200,000 home.